Exploring Immersive Interfaces for Well Placement Optimization in Reservoir Models

Technologies: C#, Unity 3D, Cg/HLSL, HTML5, Leap Motion SDK, VTK, MiddleVR

Type: research project

This project was developed as part of my M.Sc. thesis and featured on UCalgary's Student Spotlight.

As the oil and gas industry's ultimate goal is to uncover efficient and economic ways to produce oil and gas, well optimization studies are crucially important for reservoir engineers. Although this task has a major impact on reservoir productivity, it has been challenging for reservoir engineers to perform since it involves time-consuming flow simulations to search a large solution space for an optimal well plan. This work aims to provide engineers a) an analytical method to perform static connectivity analysis as a proxy for flow simulation, b) an application to support well optimization using our method and c) an immersive experience that benefits engineers and supports their needs and preferences when performing the design and assessment of well trajectories. For the latter purpose, we explore our tool with three immersive environments: a CAVE with a tracked gamepad; a HMD with a tracked gamepad; and a HMD with a Leap Motion controller.