Live demo: here

GitHub repo: here

Technologies: React.js,  D3.js, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Heroku

Type: personal project

A simple expense-tracking web app to start out using React+D3. This project was inspired by Shirley Wu's great force-base layout visualizations! 

The side video shows the following features: 

  • Calendar vs. Category vis modes [00:03] 
  • Add new expense [00:12] 
  • Add new category [00:19] 
  • Add link by dragging an expense into a category (Category vis mode only) [00:22] 
  • Delete link by dragging an expense into a delete (x) category (Category vis mode only) [00:27] 
  • Edit link by dragging an expense into another category [00:31] 
  • Edit expense's date by dragging it into another calendar date [00:35] 
  • Delete expense using side menu [00:40] 
  • Delete category using side menu [00:44]